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Do you want to be part of the GotGhost Paranormal team?

We are looking for two more investigators who want to be involved in our ongoing search for signs of the paranormal. Keep in mind, it is all volunteer... the reward is finding that elusive paranormal activity among us. In selecting team members, we look strongly for:

1) Ability to commit to investigations with about 1-2 weeks notice.

2) Desire to acquire one's own equipment, over time, and share resources with the team.

3) Willingness & dedication to help review the evidence after the investigations & share it with the team.

4) Desire to help find cool places to investigate, and help in scheduling those visits.

5) A little seriousness, combined with fun-loving and inquisitive personality is important!

To preserve the integrity of the GGP team, dedication is important. We have had quite a few that just like to "come along for the ride". The GGP team is serious about what they do, but also have fun in a no-pressure atmosphere.

If you're interested in interviewing with Todd, please email him at Include a short story or reason you think you would be a good fit for the team. It's helpful to include a pic so we can add it to the site if you are chosen. Remember to include your contact information.

Hope to see you on the team soon!

Todd Reich

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